Blow Dry Perfection

Clients always ask us how to replicate at home their salon blow dry finish. In a nutshell, you cannot because we are standing on top of you moving about your hair freely. At home, you are blow-drying into your hair. However, here are some pointers to help you get as close as possible to achieving that salon blow dry you love.

  1. Thoroughly towel dry and detangle your hair.
  2. Next apply a styling cocktail consisting of a thermal blow dry protectant and a light smoothing treatment serum.
  3. Power dry your hair by angling the blow dryer nozzle toward the scalp, and use your fingers to lift your hair up from the scalp. This allows for maximum air flow to your scalp zone.
  4. Section and pin your hair into 4-to-6 distinct sections.
  5. Use an appropriate sized bore bristle round brush, and start at the back working up to the crown. Be sure to keep the blow dryer nozzle on top of your hair instead of the bottom, as this reduces dreaded frizz.
  6. Take subsections no larger than your round brush.
  7. Blow-dry each section thoroughly. If you feel dampness after drying a section, continue drying until hair is slightly warm to the touch before moving on to another section.
  8. After your hair is thoroughly dry, brush or use your fingers allowing hair to fall into its drape.
  9. Finger hair ends with a weightless shine treatment, then lightly spray with a weightless sunscreen fixative.

Your end result is a salon magnificent blow dry with dazzling shine.

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Spring Hair Color Change

Striking bob hair with blue and white colorSpring is a time for change, and change means you do one thing.  Change it!   Have you worn the same hair color since whenever?  Why? Nothing should remain stagnant.  We hear so many times from a woman, “I love my hair color”.

However, changing your hair color does not mean you have to go from dark to light or vise versa.  Changing your hair color in 2014 means adding in a couple blocks of color; precisely placing some overstated reverse balayage, or trend a dramatic inspiration.  The point being is that you don’t have to go blonde in order to create change in your hair color.  The change just needs to be noticeable so that your hair color looks fresher and new.

Now go change your hair color, embrace it, and make it your own.  Who knows, it may lead to a new attitude or perhaps grab your career into overdrive.

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6 Stirring Winter Hair Color Ideas

Winter is typically the coldest time of year, and it ends on March 19th. Even if you love your hair color, why not turn it up a notch to ravishing? Here for your takings are six winter hair color ideas that can get you more complements this winter season.

  1. Chocolate brown melted with plum wine
  2. Chocolate_brown_melted_with_wine_plum
  3. Cooked sugared red
  4. Cooked_Sugared_Red
  5. Darkened brown seasoned with bold copper
  6. Darkened_Brown_With_Bold_Copper
  7. Alluring brunette
  8. alluring_brunette
  9. Vanilla golden blonde
  10. vanilla_gold_blonde
  11. Smokey blonde
  12. smokey_blonde_hair_color

Don’t let old man winter be the reason that your hair color isn’t getting you compliments this season. Our hair colorist can help!

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Best Hair At Any Age

Want to love your hair?  It is easy.  Here are our best game plans to get your best hair at any age. hair_care

  • Conquer dryness
    Use moisture rich shampoos and conditioners.  In other words, hydrate.  Even if your hair does not feel dry, your hair needs it.  Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, outdoor activities, your body’s chemistry, and chemicals are robbing your hair of precious moisture at every turn.

  • Let your hair’s health be your guide for length
    We know that the majority of men prefer a woman to have long hair from our 30 years of experience.  However, long, unstructured, and unruly hair does not befit any woman.  Think body and movement over a look that is harsh, over stiff, and aging. Work with a professional hairstylist that can offer guidance for selecting a hair length based on your hair’s health, and texture as well as you lifestyle, facial points, and budget.

  • Do enjoy hair coloring
    Whether you are just spotting your first grey hairs or wanting to brighten up your whites, today’s salon hair coloring options are highly advanced.  Work with a professional hair colorist, and come discover how natural appearing your hair color can be because wearing too heavy a hair color looks harsh at any age.  Besides, wearing lighter tones of color reverse the years while keeping a hairstyle feeling fresh.

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HairRX, Spoil Your Hair

When it comes to your hair, don’t be mislead by product claims; or worse, self-diagnosing from an article you stumbled upon.  Your haircare is not one size fits all, and your hair [just like your clothes] needs to be properly taken care of.  This is why it is important to buddy up with your hairstylist who can path you a way to beautiful hair.

Your haircare products may not be one exclusive product regime either because no one-product line fits all. Remember what we said earlier (read above).  In fact, your shampoo, conditioner, and styling product(s) may instead be split-up product lines.  Don’t be fooled either.  Just because that hair product smells delicious, or is in a pretty bottle, does not mean that that particular product is appropriate for your hair.

Have your hair’s condition sized-up for why it is in the condition it is in by a skilled hair professional.  A skilled hair professional is able to address with you your hair’s chemical history, environmental circumstances, and lifestyle habits, all of which have impact. What your hairstylist cannot do is diagnose health conditions, or anything medical (for that matter) that is attributing to your hair’s condition.  Nevertheless, this starting basis allows your hairstylist to begin laying out a prescriptive path to correct as well as keep your hair from looking old, and we are not taking doctor prescriptions either. What we are speaking about, is a haircare regime plan of action that addresses why the hair is in the current condition it is in and how to go about making it fit again.

Prescriptive remedies may involve:

  • In-salon treatments,
  • At home treatments,
  • Lifestyle adjustments, or
  • All of the above

On going re-evaluations should occur every time you visit the salon, and your prescriptive regimes should also change as your hair’s condition improves.  By being open with your hairstylist, having and keeping your hair beautifully ageless really is that easy.

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