Hair Repair Help For Fall

red_healthy_hairI hope you've been taking in every drop of summer that you can because it's almost gone. Laying in the sun, beaching it, and pool parties are all the rage right now, but with all that fun you really do want to start now to get your hair in condition for Fall. Brittle, and died out hair from all that fun is easily revitalized. Dimension A Salon is here to help you out. Before you shampoo, first apply a hair moisturizer and allow to remain on hair for 5 minutes before shampooing.
Next, shampoo with the appropriate shampoo therapy for your hair.
Rinse and apply a hair mask.
Allow the hair mask to remain on the hair for 5-10 minutes.
Rinse, towel dry, and apply a leave in elixir.

My once a week at home treatment regimen will transform your hair from dried out brittle to deep moisturized natural feeling hair just in time for Fall. Perfectly timed for updating to a fresh color and style.

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Mid-Summer Hair Hydrate

Woman applying hair moisturizerI know you have been having fun, and we are still weeks away from labor day. Here's a hair tip that you will thank us for later. Spend time once a week to use a deep hydrating conditioner. On freshly shampooed hair, apply a liberal amount from your ends down to your scalp. Do allow to remain on the hair for at least 5 minutes or maximum 10 minutes before rinsing. This simple hydrating treatment will keep your hair soft as well as supple, help prevent new split ends from occurring, and primed for the upcoming season ahead.

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4 Hair Color Tips

So this entry came about because of reading an industry inside article that was telling hairstylists how to make you chemically dependent. That was like, wow! No hairstylist should ever make you chemically dependent. Now that I got that off my chest, here are four hair color tips to keep you in full self-control all year long.

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5 Tips for Summer Radiant Hair Color


Luxurious summer hair is easier than you think. Beautiful hair and summertime go hand and hand. Here are our best tips to keeps your color shining vibrant.


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Hair Conditioning Insider For Healthier Hair

So you want to understand what conditioner type will help your hair? When reading, remember that there is no one product or product line that will correct, or solve all of your haircare issues. Your haircare problems could be caused by protein, moisture, hard water, chemicals (such as hair coloring, bleaching, relaxers, or perms) lifestyle, medical, all of the above, or none of the above. Nevertheless, you came to a great starting point.

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