Summer Hair Tip

After recently returning from Bali, I reflected on what I saw while sun lounging looking southward out into the Indian Ocean. What I noticed, was how not one young woman, on the paradise sands of Seminyak, worried about what Mother Nature was doing to her hair. I mean; I saw women who clearly invested good money for their hair color, but alas the sun was slowly nipping away at each and every color molecule one-by-one. Maybe it was due to all the alcohol being drunk, or perhaps it was intoxication due to a newfound local playmate.


For over 25 years, I have stressed to women that the sun is your enemy. Just muse on the notion that you paid upwards of $150 for that color you adore just to go outside naked leaving Mr. Sun to eat away at your color. I know, I know you meant too however something came up.

This year instead of me harping on about why you need to protect your hair color, I say go ahead. Go outside naked, and enjoy all that the summer has to offer. I mean:


  • Why bother rinsing your hair after your done swimming in the pool, or ocean?
  • Why bother using sunscreen on your hair?
  • Why bother wearing a sunhat?
  • Why bother worrying that the sun is accenting your damaged hair?


Go ahead, live-it-up, and pour on the sun because you know I'll there with my trusted scissors and pricey color concoctions to make it all better again.





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